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An Alcohol Delivery App is a mobile application that enables users to order alcohol and have it delivered directly to their doorstep. It allows users to browse through various alcoholic beverages, place orders, and track the delivery process. The benefits of an Alcohol Delivery App are numerous. Firstly, it provides convenience to users, allowing them to order alcohol without leaving their homes. This can be particularly useful for those who do not have access to a nearby liquor store or for those who do not want to leave the house due to various reasons such as bad weather, illness or disability

Estimated Delivery Time: 24 Hours Only (will be digitally delivered)

Amazing Features of WhatsApp Bulk Messaging Software

Bulk Sender uses Whatsapp Web technology but adds useful features to do Whatsapp Marketing and send Whatsapp messages to multiple users at the same time.

Send Customized Messages

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Multi Account (Multi Channel) to automatically send messages from different whatsapp accounts

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Get Report

Ability to see the report of the campaign (from LOG section).

Message Schedule

Possibility to schedule the sending and set a delay between the messages to avoid to be banned.

Group Messaging

Grab all member of a Whatsapp group to contact them via Bulk Sender.

Numbers filter feature

Bulk check of Whatsapp and non-Whatsapp phone numbers.

Data Statistics

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